Mavrud & Cabernet Sauvignon – Double Box


Cabernet Sauvignon Characteristics:  A full-bodied red wine, with a complex bouquet and a balanced aroma of clove, a touch of smoke and intense fruit flavors of cassis, cherry and ripe grapes. The taste is soft, velvety and spreads evenly on the palate. The aftertaste is fine, lingering and captivating. The wine has fermented in an oak barrel for an aging period of six to ten months.

Mavrud Characteristics:  A crisp red wine with deep ruby tones, typical for this type of grape. Vibrant, acidic opening notes are followed by a rich and lasting aroma. The grape flavour is accompanied by delicate fruit overtones. A well-balanced, homogenous taste spreads evenly on the palate. The character of this memorable wine is further defined by the tannin of the grape nose.

Its characteristics develop further after bottling.

– Fine Dry Red Wine
– 2016 & 2017 Vintage Selection
– Thracian Valley Region, Bulgaria
– Serving temperature: 18-20 degrees Centigrade
– One wine bottles Cabernet Sauvignon & one Mavrud
– Handcrafted burnt black wooden box

These hand-waxed artifacts resemble the ideology behind Minoar. The handcrafted bottle etiquette is crafted from recycled leather and paper residues and stamped in silver foil signature nuance.

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Serving Suggestion for Cabernet Sauvignon:

Enjoy with baked pork with mushrooms, roasted red meat, baked mushrooms, fresh yellow cheeses with walnuts.

Serving Suggestion for Mavrud:

Enjoy with T-bone steak, lamb, tuna steak, Fourme d’Ambert.


The intellectual quest is exquisite like pearls and corals.
It is not the same as the spiritual quest.
The spiritual quest is on another level altogether.

Spiritual wine has a profound taste.
The intellect and the senses investigate cause and effect.
The spiritual seeker surrenders to the wonder.

Wooden Box Size

Height: 16 cm | 6.2 inches

Width: 13 cm | 5.1 inches

Single Bottle

Height: 16 cm | 6.2 inches

Width: 13 cm | 5.1 inches

MINOAR.COM offers Express Global Deliveries. Each bottle is laid down in entirely hand-crafted, burnt black wooden box. They are additionally wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid transportation damage.

All orders are processed between 1 to 3 days during busy period and dispatched with tracking number & information via DHL Express. We deliver this product to Europe and European Union. Deliveries to USA are not possible.

Shipping Costs:
Worldwide: 10€

Wine bottles cannot be refunded due to their nature. Returns are accepted if the wine box has not been opened.

For more information please go through our FAQ and Shipping & Returns sections.

If you have any questions please send us an Email.

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