Terra Series

Terra Unisex Knitwear Project

The planet Earth has different & peculiar soils all over its globe. Each territory is characteristic and beautiful in its own way. Thus the knitwear fragments of the series ‘Terra’ (land in Latin) are all different one by another and yet intertwined and passing from one to the other, embracing each other. Like the rivers spring from the mountains and descend in the lowlands, from the rocky territories to fertile meadows.

These unique hand knitted pieces are embracing a signature chaotic pattern in 5 different garments. They feel warm & soft to the skin and protect the body as it is the core. The yarn composition is virgin wool & mohair contributing for the overall homelike feel, yet even more light in weight. Oversized pullover top, asymmetric cloak, turtleneck top, cropped vest and a sleeveless top are the main characteristic pieces in the ‘Terra’ series.